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Customer Support Manager



Customer Service
Reykjavík, Iceland
Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2023

Customer Support Manager

Reykjavík, Iceland - Part time

✨ Join us in creating the most fun dating app in the world ✨

We believe work should be fun, and you should be excited to get to work on Mondays. Our attitude towards work is why we got elected Iceland's second Greatest Place to Work in 2023.

If you are the kind of person who can't help but make everyday things more fun, competitive, or enjoyable, we may be looking for you.

Smitten is pioneering a new era in how single people lead their lives. Smitten is on a mission to create the most fun dating app in the world, bringing single people together with a fun and creative approach to online dating.

While talent is a close second, we hire for cultural fit first. We believe the key to success is how we communicate with each other, internally and externally. Communication is an enormous part of our company culture and product. Our goal is to help you grow to become exceptional at giving and receiving feedback, taking responsibility, feeling empathy, etc.

You may be a team fit if you:

  • Are humble enough to know you still have a lot to learn
  • Want to become better in people skills
  • Have an extraordinarily high standard to do a good job
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Believe life and work should be an amazing, fun experience

Below are a bunch of things about the job as a customer support manager, your day-to-day responsibilities, and your benefits. Before you check that out, does your gut tell you that you want to work with us? If yes, keep reading; if not, that's alright; we are not everyone's type.

Customer Support Manager

As the go-to customer support person, your role encompasses listening to users' needs and wishes via email and chat, addressing concerns, identifying bugs, and providing necessary follow-up. Your focus on customer satisfaction ensures each user receives the attention needed for positive outcomes. Additionally, you'll handle platform moderation and appeals, contributing to the maintenance of Smitten as a safe community. As a part of to the product team, you serve as the voice of the customer.

This is a part-time position ranging from 25-50%, offering flexibility for the right candidate. It's particularly well-suited for university students seeking a balance between work and studies. As we continue to expand, there is potential for a transition to full-time in the near future.

Within one month, you will have:

  • Developed a good understanding of Smitten as a product and its users
  • Started taking over the customer support duties
  • Had a taste of Smitten's company culture

Within three months, you will have:

  • Developed a comprehensive approach to handling customer support, ensuring quick and effective solutions
  • Actively participated in improving the overall user experience by working on new product features and refining user journeys
  • Enhanced our help center to empower users to find solutions independently

Within a year, you will have:

  • Explored user behavior through in-depth research
  • Led the way in creating innovative strategies for customer support, like implementing a chatbot
  • Helped grow Smitten to new markets

Skills & relevant experience

We are open to high-potential candidates with a variety of experience and expertise but would especially welcome candidates with some of the following experience, skills & characteristics :

  • Previous experience in customer support
  • A passion for creating positive user experiences and ensuring user satisfaction
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Can-do mindset and experience working in a fast-paced environment
  • Be able to work independently and have a problem-solving mindset
  • Good communication and technical abilities, as well as people skills
  • With a good eye for detail and spotting and taking care of problems well before anyone else even realizes the problem
  • Believes work should be fun

Last but not least - Perks, Comps & Benefits

We are a team of ambitious, highly motivated, and driven people who love what they do. We need people who share our vision for work and ethics to become a global dominator in online dating!

We believe work should be fun and support, even supercharge, your personal and professional growth. In addition to giving you a stock option plan, where you get shares in the company, we offer many perks and benefits. You will get the necessary gadgets to do your work, such as a new phone, computer, noise-canceling headphones, etc. We will provide free lunch, fresh beverages, and snacks at the office.

We know that some opportunities are too good to pass up, so we have a rule called #SmittenPrivilege, which lets you ditch work to do shit you love. Want to go golfing on a Wednesday morning? #SmittenPrivilege! Need to leave early on Friday? #SmittenPrivilege! Too drunk on a Monday morning to get to work? Well… we may need to talk about that!

And last but not least, you are not the only one joining the Smitten family. Your family and friends are too! We encourage you to have the occasional lunch with your mom or friend you haven't heard from in a while, and we'll pick up the tab!

If you want to join us in creating a happier world, we would love to hear from you!

Ps. We are a well-funded startup and will be scaling into new markets in the coming weeks and months!